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Your entire academic life. Every class, every assignment, every grade.

Grade Hound organizes your entire academic life. That's every semester, every class, every assignment, and every grade. You can even keep track of your GPA on a per-semester basis.
Grade Hound

Grade Hound

Organize your classes, assignments, and grades.

Add classes, assignments, events, notes, and grades. Schedule multiple reminders and repeat schedules. You can even add images to your notes. Grade Hound fully supports both point and percent based grading in addition to both block and weekly scheduling.

When viewing an upcoming assignment, you’ll be told exactly what grade you need to either achieve the next letter grade in the class, or maintain your current one. For example, if you have a 88% in a class, Study Cal might say something like “You need a 93% on this assignment to achieve an A in the class”. Both point and percent based grading systems are supported.

You haven't seen grade management quite like this.

When viewing a grade, you’ll see exactly how much it counted towards your final grade in the class. In addition, you can also quickly see what your class grade would have been, had you gotten a different score.

Grade Hound

Grade Hound

Swipe to complete.

Grade Hound is gesture driven. Swipe to quickly complete assignments.

Rich notifications.

You can schedule reminders for upcoming assignments. When you're notified, Grade Hound will also tell you what grade you need on this assignment in order to either achieve the next letter grade in the class, or maintain your current one.

Grade Hound

Grade Hound

Point or percent based grading.

On a per-class basis, you can specify whether you'd like to use point or percent based grading, and Grade Hound fully supports both. You can also customize the grading scale (e.g A-F or A-F +/-, etc) and GPA scale on a per-class basis.

You can also specify how many units each class is, which Grade Hound will use when calculating your GPA.

Block and weekly based scheduling.

If you specify a repeat schedule, on a per-event and per-assignment basis, you can specify whether you'd like to use block or weekly based scheduling.

Grade Hound

for Students. for Parents. for Teachers.

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Available for iPhone and iPad.

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