A new Grade Hound is coming.
Join the beta and help make it the best yet.

A big update is coming to Grade Hound. This update brings a new dashboard, a redesigned interface, rich notifications, the ability to set units for a class, and many bug fixes.

This update won't be released for a few more weeks, but you can get it now and provide feedback that will help make it the best release yet. To join, enter your email below. You'll get a confirmation email followed by an email from the App Store to download the beta version.

Why should I join the beta?
When you join the beta, you'll get the new Grade Hound update right now. You'll be able to help look for bugs and give your input on the new features. Your feedback can be incorporated into the app now, rather than after the update has been released to the rest of the world.

How stable is this beta? I rely on Grade Hound every day and still need it to be functional!
While you are getting a beta version of Grade Hound that is going to be more prone to bugs and glitches than a final release, there are no known major bugs in this beta. This update is compatible with the previous version so you won't lose your data.

What are some interesting changes in this update?
1) New name. This app is known as "Study Cal" in its current version.
2) New dashboard. A new dashboard replaces the old "Classes" view. The dashboard shows all of your academic terms in one place - including GPA, units, and courses.
3) Redesigned course, assignment, note, and grade views. The course view got a face lift in this update with a new graph interface and some tweaks to how information about the class is presented. In the assignment view, you get a new slider to see what your grade in the class would be if you got a certain score. Similarly, in the grade view, you get a new slider to see what your grade in the class would have been if you had gotten a certain score.
4) Rich notifications. When you're notified of an upcoming event, Grade Hound will also tell you what grade you need on this assignment in order to either achieve the next letter grade in the class, or maintain your current one.
5) Bug fixes. There are a few noticeable glitches in the current version. Ranging from annoying to barely noticeable, this updates aims to fix them.
6) Backend tweaks. You might not notice them, but this update contains tweaks to the backend that will pave the way to cloud syncing capabilities in a future update.

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